Lucy Ozarin Legacy Society

Vision and Innovation have been and continue to be the hallmarks that distinguish Congregation Beth El as a leader within the Conservative movement and as a vibrant center of Jewish life in Bethesda. Your legacy gift will ensure a robust future for decades to come.

"Your last will and testament is your final teaching. What do you want to say?"

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

About Lucy

Lucy Ozarin was a Beth El member for nearly 60 years when she passed away at the age of 103 in 2017. With her long and active association as both volunteer and congregant in mind, Lucy remembered Beth El in her will…and left an astonishing legacy.  We have honored Lucy’s generosity by naming our Legacy Society for her. It is our hope Lucy’s farsightedness will inspire other Beth El members to act similarly to ensure the future of our congregation and Jewish life in Montgomery County.

Leaving a Legacy Gift

It is hard to imagine a Jewish future in Bethesda without Beth El. Thanks to the hard work of so many of our congregants, we have laid a strong intellectual, moral, and spiritual foundation. Now, you can further strengthen Beth El’s financial foundation for the next generation.

There are many ways to create a Beth El legacy that:

  • Requires no immediate donation
  • Maintains your ability to change your mind at any time
  • Welcomes any amount

And there are different ways to plan a legacy gift including:

  • Your will or trust
  • A beneficiary designation of certain assets
  • Special tax-free IRA gifts
  • Life insurance
  • CD and other banking accounts
  • A gift of appreciated securities

Whatever your unique family and financial situation, your legacy gift of any size will serve as a perpetual reminder of your support for Beth El.

Do you have more questions or are you ready to join the other 80+ members who have committed to Beth El’s future? Contact Lori Ulanow, development director, at or 301- 652-2606, ext. 118 or download the Lucy Ozarin Legacy Society form.


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