“I Love When People Sing Along”

November 30, 2022 in Programming, Rabbi Deborah Megdal

“I love when people sing along,” Noah Rosner reflected, in a heartfelt close to November’s Yedid Nefesh Friday Night Service. More than sixty voices sang the familiar melodies of Kabbalat Shabbat. The chapel brimmed with warmth and connection. Love was the theme of the evening, inspired by the first words of the opening prayer, which is itself a love song: Yedid nefesh, beloved of my soul.

I am so proud that Beth El showed up, and that we sang from our hearts. Together, we created an atmosphere that was relaxed, joyful, informal, and comforting … “summer camp vibes.”

Rebecca Gross, Rabbi Megdal, Kristin Rosner, and Noah Rosner leading Yedid Nefesh on November 18, 2022

Rebecca Gross, Rabbi Megdal, Kristin Rosner, and Noah Rosner leading Yedid Nefesh on November 18, 2022

At a time when we are healing from the pandemic, as well as facing a wave of hatred and violence targeting Jews and other groups, what sustains us? Love, connection, and the peace that Shabbat brings. 

If you joined us for the first Yedid Nefesh, thank you for your presence and your voice. Special thanks to Rebecca Gross, Kristin Rosner, Noah Rosner, and Josh Laikin for their soulful leadership and extraordinary musical talents.

Noah Rosner, a cool 16-year-old with a guitar and an “old soul,” closed the evening with his moving, genuine words that captured the spirit of Yedid Nefesh. 

As you read or watch the video of Noah’s reflections (see below), remember that you are all invited to join our next gathering on December 9th, 6:30pm. Rebecca Gross will be ba’alat tefillah, Josh Laikin on guitar, and Abe Kantro on piano!

“This service and its concept birthed out of an energy that we felt at Family Camp back in May. We were singing secular songs, but we were just able to sing along. And it wasn’t a performance; it was a community musical event, a gathering. That’s something I love. I love when people sing along. I love when people all know what’s going on, and we’re all just in it together, you know? So I’m glad that this came together, and I hope for more great Yedid Nefesh services to come.” ~ Noah Rosner

Watch Noah’s reflection (1 min video) here.

Watch the full Yedid Nefesh service: https://youtu.be/7sFbHG1KMjQ