Let’s Find Some Light for Chanukah

December 4, 2020 in Rabbi Greg Harris

I don’t know about you, but I need something uplifting and light right now.  I can distract myself only so long with streaming services.  After all, the ‘real world’ is very serious – politics, pandemic, isolation, remote work, remote school and so much more.  Reports say the next 2-3 months will be the worst of Covid-19 we have experienced.  As we are going into these darker months, many of us are also depleted emotionally and spiritually from the past 10 months. So…

#1 Please ask for help as you need it.  And, please check in on each other by picking up the phone.  A text or email is nice but please make the extra effort to really connect with each other.  Who is someone you might have seen at shul but haven’t in a long time?  Go to the Beth El member portal on the new shul web site to access the membership directory to call and connect with another Beth El person.

#2 Join some of Beth El’s amazing Chanukah events!  Chanukah begins next week on Thursday night, Dec 10.  There is so much happening at Beth El, so join in.  From Rabbi Werbin’s “Who Wants to be a Maccabee?” (click to register) this Sunday at 5pm to Rabbi Rudolph’s 13th annual “Latke – Hamantasch Debate” (click here register) on December 13 at 10am.  Parents and grandparents can join author Laura Gehl for her new children’s book, Happy Llamakkah (click here to register) on December 10 at 4pm.  Or, Illunination is a national candle lighting event with Conservative synagogues across all 50 states including a concert by Neshama Carlebach on December 17 at 8:30pm.  (click here to register) For a list of even more Chanukah events taking place for the Religious School, Jewish day schools, Sisterhood and more… look here.

#3 Enjoy a new Chanukah song!  I don’t know if this will be as big as the 1927 classic, “I Had a Little Dreidel”… but Daveed Diggs, one of the stars of Hamilton, released this new Chanukah song.  It is very cute and brings new energy to the holiday.

So, let’s find some light for Chanukah.  I can certainly use it.  Hope to see you at some of these event!

Chag Urim S’meach!