Do you believe in Miracles?

December 11, 2020 in Hazzan Asa Fradkin

Do you believe in miracles?

I know we are all science abiding, small “l” liberals living in an “enlightened world” but really, do you?

I know some of you out there have beaten difficult cancer odds, mental illness, physical disabilities, bounced back from personal upheavals in your home lives, and seen your children survive trying physical circumstances as well.

There are plenty of perfectly logical arguments for why we ascend obstacles in our lives. And we know many people still suffer. But right now is our week of miracles, military and spiritual. Or maybe they are one in the same.

The Maccabees were a secular band of Jews whom the rabbis would later reject ( their book didn’t make it into the canon) who nevertheless became one of the most famous examples of Jewish spiritual resistance.

One might argue they were the precursor to the modern Israeli soldier. How’s that for a miraculous connection?

This week I participated in a study session with many area Rabbis, including our own, and community leaders on the nature of our modern Jewish community. The basic premise: Are the Jewish people a WE or are we a conglomeration of tribes that despite our internal struggles, still represent a thousand strands of one faith that cannot be broken when they are woven together?

Some would say that with all our differences, it’s a miracle the Jewish community in our country has maintained any type of unity at all. That’s another story.

I don’t know if miracles can ever be seen in the present moment but only when looking back at the breathtaking sequence of events that leads to the, well, “miracle” of this moment.

I know one thing, if the Maccabees had the privilege to see our Hannukah in 2020 with the incredible tapestry of Jewish colors from Uganda, to Ethiopia, Israel, Australia and the US, not to mention our dope music….

Well, they would have thought we’re a miracle.

Check out this Matisyahu hit from 2010 and then  me you don’t believe in miracles. I mean he’s a 6 foot 3 Jew from White Plains who became a reggae superstar!


Happy Hannukah and Shabbat Shalom

Hazzan Fradkin