Anti-Semitism: Searching for a Global Response

January 31, 2020 in Guest Post, Rabbi Greg Harris

Antisemitic image portraying a Jewish shopkeeper as greedy and devious

This is the fifth week of the month and allows for another outside blog. I am focusing this week’s blog on the relentless scourge of anti-semitism.  The hatred of the Jewish People and its morphing into the hatred of the State of Israel continues to be dangerous around the world.  From college campuses in America to grocery stores in France and synagogues being attacked around the globe, antisemitism persists.  It incorporates overt attacks and subtle acts of hate and bias.  Below are resources shared by the European group – the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to challenge anti-semitism.  They have been produced in multiple languages.  I share these because this Sunday, I will be traveling to Tirana, Albania to attend the OSCE’s international conference on combating anti-semitism.  I have been invited as a delegate to speak about security measures in American synagogues as well as the robust efforts to nurture interfaith dialogue and cooperation.  Beth El is vigilant in both these arenas. 

Over my 18 years at Beth El, I have always focused on strengthening relationships within our local faith communities.  I have had many partners in this work within Beth El, including Rabbis Rudolph and Werbin, Hazzanim Lubin, Klein and Fradkin along with the support of lay leadership. I appreciate the on-going collaboration with Rev Jenny Cannon (BUMC), Rev Roy Howard (Saint Mark) and Imam Rasoul Naghavi (Islamic Education Center) as well as many other local clergy.  Our local efforts will be brought to this international forum.

I will blog from Albania next week and share reflections next Shabbat during services (Feb 8 – Parshat Beshalach).