Why Do(n’t) You Go To Shul?

May 9, 2019 in Hazzan Asa Fradkin

I once had a colleague that said- tongue and cheek- the reason he became a Rabbi was to make the service seem faster- since it always seems to progress more quickly when one is on the Bima.

True, it does. But I quite like it in the pews as well, where I don’t have to do anything but relax, reflect and pray.

What do you like? Do you like to come into the synagogue on a Monday, Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday? Do you prefer the shorter weekday service or longer more lyrical Shabbat experience?

What kind of meaning do these experiences bring you and if you don’t find yourself in the synagogue to pray often, what is your connection here?

“Going to shul” used to mean attending services on Saturday morning ( the long service)  But now it can mean a whole variety of things, as mentioned above.

No matter your shul connection, I’m interested in what keeps you in and what keeps you out?

I am interested in why people attend services on a regular basis and also why they don’t.

So let me know. How’s your Jewish life going? How’s your synagogue connection? Why DO you come to shul or Why DON’T you?

We are here to help you become more engaged with the community and find ways to say yes to connection, spiritual life, prayer and study.

I’d love to hear from many of you so we can begin this important discussion and continue to build and sustain our vibrant Beth El community.