A New Chorus!

November 9, 2018 in Hazzan Asa Fradkin

The other day, Rabbi Harris came into my office during a rehearsal and said, “please quiet down, I think people are having way too much fun in here!”

Some of you may know that back in Connecticut I ran a teen choir for 9 years that performed locally at Shabbat services and traveled nationally as well.

It was featured, at one point, in a promotional video for the Cantors assembly.  https://www.asafradkin.com/watch ( look for “Singing Is Just The Beginning”

It was the highlight of my time in Greenwich and the bonds I formed with those kids remain incredibly special to me.

When I came to Beth El I was amazed that we already had our own a capella teen choir, Marak HaYom, a stellar self run group of High School kids that meet for a few hours each Sunday.

The sound they get is phenomenal and if you haven’t heard or seen them you are missing one of the crown jewels of Beth El.

Children’s choirs are one of my passions and after revving up our youth choir Shir Atid last year, I wanted to build a bridge for our middle school singers who were now too old for the youth choir.

What’s emerged has been just awesome. The new “Middle School Chorale” features nine incredibly talented young women singing together in harmony and bonding as well over music ( and pizza during their break)

They do their own ice breakers, share celebrity impressions and pretty much love to goof off as well. 

Watching them enjoy themselves so much in shul and singing Jewish music is the best experience you can have in my job.

They will perform at Shir Yachad services on a semi monthly basis and also be featured at the interfaith Thanksgiving service we are hosting this year on Tuesday 11/20.

Here is a small clip of them singing an Oseh Shalom, arranged by Marak HaYom musical director Tate Goldberg.

I look forward to debuting them on 11/20!

Shabbat Shalom,

Hazzan Fradkin