Unpacking Fault Lines in Israel

March 29, 2018 in Guest Post, Rabbi Greg Harris

This week is the fourth week of the month.  For Reflections Off the Bimah, the fourth week features thought leaders drawn from throughout the Jewish world.  These special posts give you the opportunity to consider important opinions you may not readily encounter.  These outside pieces are brought because their ideas are worth struggling with even as they might challenge us.

Since we are about to say, “Next year in Jerusalem” and our congregational theme is Israel, I want to point our attention towards Israel.  I am proud Beth El is a community which is unwavering in its love and commitment to Israel as it also recognizes Israel’s complexities.  In that vein, I want to offer a thought-provoking podcast produced by The Forward called “Fault Lines.”  The series is an on-going conversation between Daniel Gordis and Peter Beinart.  Respectively, Gordis and Beinart have come to represent the Right and Left political streams of American Jewry regarding Israel.

Gordis and Beinart state in the podcast they want to model a relationship which may be energized by disagreement but grounded in respect for the other.  They are united in their mutual commitment to a strong and secure Jewish State though they disagree on how that is actualized.

Here is a link to their first Podcast: Fault Lines with Daniel Gordis and Peter Beinart  (Click on this link or the graphic above.)

At Beth El, let us never shy from expressing our love of the Jewish State, voicing our opinions on policies as needed, and never forget or become indifferent towards Israel and Jerusalem.

Le’shanah ha’ba’a b’Yerushalayim — Next year in Jerusalem,
Rabbi Greg Harris