BERS Registration FAQs


We’re excited to sign up for BERS! What do we do to register?
Families with students currently enrolled in the school receive an email from the Beth El Religious School with a link to registration – this link is specific to your family and will have your information pre-filled out, as we have it in our database.  New families can go directly to the registration section of the BERS page on the Beth El website and register there. Our online registration process is easy and self-guided. We’ll also be here if you have any questions – (301) 652-8569 x309.

When is early bird registration?
Early bird registration runs through Friday, June 14, 2019 – registrations submitted during this time will receive a $50 tuition discount.

We are already enrolled at school at BERS. Do we need to register for a new year of classes, or can you just roll over our registration from this year?
All students need to register each year for the religious school. We cannot roll over any of your information.

When do we have to pay for Religious School?
When you register your child(ren) for religious school, you will pay a $75 registration fee per child.  You will also have the opportunity to make a donation to our Religious School Committee’s Teacher Appreciation Fund, which shows our amazing faculty how much they are valued throughout the year.

Religious School tuition will appear on your Beth El bill shortly after registration.  At least 25% of your tuition is due quarterly.  The first quarter must be paid before school starts and the full amount must be paid no later than May 31, 2020.

Which teachers are teaching each session/day/grade? 

Class and session assignments are generally made during the summer months, so we will not know when Morah X is teaching until well after registration is underway.  If you have an idea of the type of teacher with whom your child typically does well, feel free to let us know on your registration form – there is a question for each child where we solicit information that will help make a positive class assignment.


What is the Chug Enrichment Program?  Does my K-2nd grader have to come during the week in addition to Sunday?  Are there enrichment options for my older child?
Chug is an optional enrichment program for K-3rd grade students.  There are two options for Judaic enrichment for BERS students:

  • Sunday morning K-3rd Grade Chug – 9:00-9:40 – this morning club meets before the regular K-3rd grade start time (9:45) – it is perfect for families who have a 4th or 5th grader getting dropped off at 9:00!
  • Midweek Chug for K-2nd grade—Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons from 4:30-6:30

The Chug enrichment program is experiential and learning is dynamic – it goes beyond what they learn on Sunday and our Chug students consistently rave about the class.  This is a great option for families who would like additional Judaic and Hebrew enrichment for their child.

We registered and selected class for one midweek day, and now our schedule has changed. How do I switch?
Contact Carmen Izurieta ( in the office as soon as you know about the conflict. Session changes are done on a first-come first-served basis, contingent upon classroom space.

Will my children be in the same classes as their friends?
We understand that building a Jewish community is an important part of Religious School. To that end, we do our best to place children with their friends. The registration form has a place to include any information that will help us ensure your child has a positive experience in class – this is a great place to include one or two friend requests.

My child has special learning needs – how do I make sure he/she is successful in Religious School?
Congregation Beth El is a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community, and the Religious School strives to ensure that all students have the fullest opportunity to participate in educational activities. If you have any questions about inclusion opportunities or this questionnaire, please contact Lesli Gillman, Religious School Student Support Specialist, at


What happens after bar/bat mitzvah?
The vast majority of students continue into our Upper School program, which runs from 7th-10th grades. 7th graders have their choice of an afternoon or evening session, while our 8th-10th grade program only runs in the evening.

What if I can’t come on Tuesday evenings?
We know that some teens may have a conflict with our core Upper School program, so this year we are offering our N’tivot Independent Study Option.  This option is for teens who are not able to regularly attend Tuesday evening classes but would like to continue their Jewish education.  N’tivot participants will be eligible for all 10th grade Confirmation programs, including our fall trip to NYC and the Sorkin Youth Trip to Israel.

What is the Sorkin Youth Trip to Israel?
The Sorkin Youth Trip to Israel is a culminating experience for Beth El youth completing the Religious School program, taking place over winter break of the 10th grade year.