Religious School

ScribeprogramBeth El Religious School aims to inspire a thirst for lifelong Jewish learning. To achieve this ambitious goal, we craft educational experiences that foster:

  • an understanding of God
  • the ability to personalize the words of Torah
  • a familiarity with tefillah (prayer)

We seek to enliven within our students a connection to the State of Israel. We emphasize the practice of gemilut hasadim (deeds of loving kindness) as the product of all our students have learned about God, Torah, tefillah, and Israel.

Students participate in retreats, social action programs, and elective classes such as cooking, art, and video production. And lively assemblies bring together the community for study sessions and music.

Overview of the K-10th grade Religious School program

Lower School (Kindergarten to Sixth Grade)

The curriculum includes novel and thought provoking materials that invite students of all ages to explore the myths, narratives, symbols, rituals, art, music, dance, laws, and ethical teachings that shape Jewish life.

In addition, the religious school capitalizes on technological innovations that are redefining education in the 21st century. Students use computers and mobile devices to construct new understandings of the world through active exploration, discussion, experimentation, and reflection. We strive to develop a virtual learning environment that provides the faculty with a wealth of online content, and offers students interactive tools to create new meaning from our ancient tradition.

Upper School (Seventh to Tenth)

These students meet once a week for dinner, where they socialize and strengthen their sense of community. After eating, they attend classes that explore the relevance Judaism has to modern life.

Each year, the curriculum is organized around a central theme, which students investigate through two lenses: personal and social responsibility. Upper School concludes in the confirmation year with an emphasis on personal decision-making.