Lifelong Learning

2013 melonim IMG_3880We take life-long Jewish learning seriously. We provide many opportunities for members, regardless of their level of knowledge and age, to study and appreciate the wisdom and relevance of Judaism.


Beth El Preschool is the area’s only Jewish co-operative preschool. Our play-based program offers classes for children ages 20 months to 5 years.

Tour the school and you’ll see children exploring the classroom and the world through hands-on experiences…and having a great time doing it.

library (2)Religious School

The Beth El Religious School inspires a thirst for lifelong Jewish learning. Educational experiences are crafted to

  • Foster an understanding of God,
  • Personalize the words of Torah, and
  • Comfort with tefillah (prayer).

Tikkun olam and social action are an integral part of our program, as are music, art, Israeli dance, and conversational Hebrew.

family education (2)Family Education

Family education programs at Beth El take an innovative approach to Jewish learning, bringing family members together for Jewish experiences: holiday celebrations, ethical discussions, and life cycle preparation.

Sometimes it’s building a Sukkah together and sometimes it’s learning the ritual of Havdalah. In other words…something for every family and every age.

adult Ed (3)Adult Education

It’s not just the kids who have something to learn. Whether you attended a yeshiva or only learned a little Yiddish from Bubbe, there’s always more to know. And we can fit into your schedule:

  • The Samuel Scolnic Adult Institute on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evenings features topics from Jewish music to Jews in Colonial America.
  • The Adult B’nai Mitzvah class explores Judaism more deeply than most of us have managed.
  • Wednesday mornings with the rabbis tackle the weekly parshas and haftarah portions.
  • Age & Stage allows specific groups of members to learn about the life cycle issues that are relevant to their lives.

Click here to learn more about our Adult Education opportunities.