It’s Wednesday – May 27, 2015

Boker Tov.

Shavuot was one of the best and best attended that I can remember for this holiday that’s been trying to make a name for itself from Biblical times. Since then, I confess to have mostly been thinking about myself. Yesterday was my last day in the office. In a few hours we are off to Israel for our synagogue mission which lasts until June 7 (or longer for the Petra folk.) I am using up the vacation days I have earned in June and then my retirement officially begins. In actuality, I have two Bnai Mitzvah and five weddings and a few unveilings in the summer and early fall, so apparently I will seamlessly merge into my Emeritus status.

At some point, an official communiqué will indicate what my Emeritus status entails. If you can’t wait, I will do some empty nester and gray panther activity, a little bit of programming, visits to homebound/ ill congregants, weddings and (hopefully very few) funerals – all in coordination with our active duty clergy.  I have a long list of other activities not directly related to Beth El. I think I will not be lacking things to fill my time and expand my horizons as I begin a new chapter in my life.

It’s Wednesday concludes today. I am not sure you will miss it as much as I will, but it has to stop. A very major communication with the congregation cannot come from a rabbi who will not be involved in the real workings of the shul. Since I still plan to entertain thoughts about the world, I hope to do a blog, but it needs to wait a while.  My Monday and Tuesday evenings (prep time) and Wednesday mornings (pushing the send button and hearing back from you) won’t be the same, but I am sure we will get used to the new reality. Human beings can adjust to new circumstances, and I am sure I/we will.  New circumstances can lead to new opportunities, and I am sure they will.

Best regards. Have many good Wednesdays. And thanks again for being such wonderful partners in the building of the very special community that is Beth El.

Bill RudolphToday