Shevet Achim

Organized Judaism has seen a huge drop-off in the engagement of young boys with Jewish life; after bar mitzvah, as many as 80% simply drop off the radar. And Jewish boys struggle with what all boys struggle with—adolescence, surviving it, and figuring out what it means to be a man without being swallowed up by our society’s corrosive male stereotypes in the process.

To help our boys form connections with Judaism and each other, Beth El is partnering with Moving Traditions (creators of Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing) to bring Shevet Achim.

Shevet Achim is a program designed for teen boys by a group of rabbis, educators, psychologists, parents, and teens. In general, the program is a lot of fun for the guys; they play competitive and collaborative games, talk about pop culture, watch YouTube videos, study great Jewish texts, eat and share stories. But they will also have an opportunity to discuss critical issues in their lives as teens and young men.

If you’re interested, excited, or just curious, join us.


Contact information

Tali Moscowitz, Assistant Education Director for Youth Engagement
301-652-2606 ext. 308