Intellectual Activities

Men's Club Speaker

Men’s Club Speaker

The Men’s Club very much enjoys engaging in learning. Whether it is listening to a speaker or challenging other groups in mental scrimmage, these activities engage us and enable us to grow together. Some of our intellectual activities include: Hearing Men’s Voices, Political Forums (especially in major election years), Sunday Breakfast & Speaker programs, It’s Academic, and our affiliation with the Beth El Library.

For a list of upcoming Men’s Club activities, please visit the Men’s Club Calendar.


Hearing Men’s Voices

The Men’s Club would like to invite you to participate in our continuing series, “Hearing Men’s Voices,” which enables members to candidly and confidentially discuss issues of mutual concern that bear on their personal lives.

This discussion group operates on the premise that we will “open up” to each other about common life issues, if given the opportunity to do so in a confidential and comfortable setting.

Groups of approximately 12-15 men are brought together at each session with a volunteer group leader who facilitates such topics as:

  • Father/child relationships
  • Different Jewish practices within the same household
  • Feelings about God
  • Being a Jew in a Christian United States
  • Fragile booths—fragile times (Sukkot)
  • Job change
  • The future of Judaism
  • Inner voices
  • Exploring the purpose of our lives
  • Inspiration in our lives


Questions from It’s Academic competition April 12, 2015

1. Put the following sons of Jacob in their birth order, starting with the oldest.

A. Joseph
B. Levi
C. Judah
D. Reuben

Answer: DBCA

2. Put in order the following 20th century Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, starting with the earliest.

A. Harold Wilson
B. David Lloyd George
C. Harold Macmillan
D. Clement Attlee

Answer: BDCA

3. With what Jewish holiday do we associate bokser?

Answer: Tu Bishvat

4. What is the main ingredient in hummus?

Answer: chickpeas

5. What Jewish holiday is traditionally associated with a meal that consists, in part, of a piece of bread and a hard-boiled egg dipped in ashes?

Answer: Tisha b’Av

6. What is the tallest mountain in Africa?

Answer: Kilimanjaro

7. The first major action of the Arab League was the joint intervention on the emergence of the State of Israel in 1948. The Arab League now has 22 member countries. What were the six original members on March 22, 1945?

Answer: Egypt, Jordan (Trans-Jordan at the time), Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

8. Name the first Prime Minister of Israel who was born after the formation of the State of Israel?

Answer: Benjamin Netanyahu