Restaurant in the Library

May 17, 2018, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Congregation Beth El
8215 Old Georgetown Rd
Bethesda, MD

Beth El and Federation’s Jewish Food Experience are bringing The Hebrew Book Week from Israel to our community!

Taking place every year in Israel between May and June, the Book Week is a celebration of reading and creation. Fairs for the sale of books, deals and lectures are given by writers in every kibbutzand city. Every Israeli, regardless of age, is interested in purchasing the books to read during the summer.

On May 17, a restaurant will open in Beth El’s synagogue library for one evening. Dinner includes an appetizer, entrée and a desserts inspired by Hebrew literature. Unlimited wine will be served all night. The restaurant in the library will be fully serviced with waiters and hosts.

Cost: $10.00 per person (basically less than the cost of a book!).

Online registration required. Click here to register.

(When you register, please mark which courses you would like to enjoy. You can choose one first course, one main course, and one one dessert.)
Red Lentil Soup:
 Inspired by the lentil stew that Jacob sold to his brother in return for the blessing of the eldest. We would not sell a kidney for that, but it is known that Jews make it perfect. Main ingredients: red lentils, onions and green
Homemade Fancy Hummus with Surprises: Inspired by the Israeli bestseller, The King of the Hummus, Queen of the Bathtub which describes a relationship between him and her in the most Israeli way. It’s not a super market hummus, it’s kings! Main ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, paprika, green vegetables and stir-fried vegetables

Open Sabich:
 Inspired by the successful children’s book, Saba Sabih which talks about the relationship between second generation children in Israel and their grandparents who immigrated to Israel from Arab countries, or in the case of this story from Iraq. I grew up without grandparents and my parents did not come from Iraq but Sabih is my specialty. Main ingredients: pita, eggplant, egg salad, potato, green, paprika paste and pink tahini
Hannah’s Fish: Inspired by Natan Alterman’s poem, Hanaleh was confused who admires the culture of oriental women in the 60s in Israel. Always modest and accompanied by a pot of fish and the smell of cooking dishes. Main ingredients: Tilapia fillets, red vegetables, chickpeas, paprika and challah

Chocolate Truffles and Refreshing Strawberry Salad:
 Inspired by the poetry of Yona Wallach, Strawberry. Yona Wallach, a feminist poet who was active in the 1960s and 1970s in Israel and who was hospitalized in a mental hospital. In this poem she criticized the male culture that sees women as if they were selling strawberries dressed in a little black dress. Main ingredients – chocolate, cocoa, strawberries and mint
A Sad Birthday Cake: Inspired by Gila Almagor’s book, Avia’s Summer. The book describes a relationship between a “crazy” Holocaust survivor and her rebellious daughter. The most famous part in the book is Avia’s birthday, where none of the children came because they were afraid of the mother. In Israel, when you organize a birthday party, people wish you not to be Avia.
In two words – Everyone deserves another chance. Avia’s cake as well. Main ingredients: Chocolate cake, salt, Ice-cream and halva

Questions? Contact Itsik Sayag at

This event is supported by a grant from The Jewish Food Experience, a program of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.