Mental Health Professionals Breakfast

May 24, 2018, 8:15 am - 9:30 am
Congregation Beth El
8215 Old Georgetown Rd
Bethesda, MD

Please join us for our next Mental Health Professionals Breakfast. Breakfast is $5 per person. Carey Heller will lead our session, and we will be fortunate to have Rabbi Fabian Werbin in attendance at the meeting to enrich our discussion.

Carey A. Heller, Psy.D., congregant, and licensed psychologist, will discuss “Creative Interventions for ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits.” He will describe a variety of practical tools to improve time management and organization as well as interventions tailored to address the unique needs of Jewish clients, especially those who are very observant. Carey’s talk will be of interest to those of you who work with children and adolescents as well as adults.

Please note: Our new start time for breakfast and schmoozing is 8:15 am. This will allow us to begin the presentation promptly at 8:30 and have a full hour for the presentation and discussion.

Please RSVP to Geryl Baer at as soon as you know that you’ll be able to attend.