Create a Jewish Legacy

“Your last will and testament is your final teaching. What do you want to say?”
~Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Create a Jewish Legacy

 Vision and Innovation have been and continue to be the hallmarks that distinguish Congregation Beth El as a leader within the Conservative movement and as a vibrant center of Jewish life in Bethesda. Your legacy gift will ensure a robust future for decades to come.

In the early 1950s, the Jewish community in Bethesda was just forming. A group of committed and wise families recognized that one cannot be Jewish alone. A meaningful and vibrant Jewish life is only possible supported by community institutions that can bring people together, guided by Judaism, to pray, learn, celebrate, and find comfort together, discover meaning and purpose in their lives, and to improve the world. With the leadership of those visionaries, Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County was born.

Beth El has grown to exemplify the best of Conservative Judaism, bringing innovation and creativity to Jewish traditions so that our Judaism is constantly revitalized in the context of modern life. Beth El was one of the first Conservative congregations in the United States to fully embrace gender egalitarianism. Strong partnerships among lay, clergy, and professional leadership have resulted in worship models that meet the array of needs of congregants. Beth El is a model for innovative approaches to Jewish education for congregants of all ages, and being named a “green business” reflects the long Jewish tradition of respect for the environment. All of these achievements take place within a strong community that provides comfort and support to deal with life’s complexities and challenges and a place to share our simchas and joy. For many, Beth El is family. It is hard to imagine a Jewish future in Bethesda without it.

All of us probably hope that our being here on Earth has made a difference and that going forward, the world is a better place because of us. We leave our imprints through our families. We can also leave an imprint, a legacy, on the Jewish future and the Jewish community. Thanks to the hard work of so many of our congregants, we have laid the intellectual, moral, and spiritual foundation for our next 60 years. Now, we must establish a solid and secure financial foundation for the next generation. In the words of Hillel: “If not now, when?”

In the same way that we make planned gifts to the colleges or universities we attend, or the hospitals where our loved ones were treated, so too should we be planning for the future of our synagogue. By joining the Beth El Legacy Society, you will ensure the future of our congregation and community.

Won’t you join us to preserve and continue to create what is best about Beth El for the next generations? Include Beth El in your will. Include Beth El as a beneficiary. Include Beth El in your heart.jewish legacy 2

Reflect on Your Priorities

Congregation Beth El has provided life-enriching experiences to its members and its community. If you have been so touched, do you want to know that our congregation will be there in the future to benefit the lives of others?

Your Planned Gift will do just that.

What are some examples of Legacy or Planned Gifts?

  • Bequests
  • Life Insurance Beneficiary
  • Retirement Plan Beneficiary
  • Annuity Plan Beneficiary

How can Legacy Gifts be used?

Your legacy gift can be directed to:

  • Beth El Strategic Reserves Fund
  • Unrestricted or restricted gifts to Beth El
  • Unrestricted or restricted gifts to the Beth El Support Foundation (see below)

For further information or answers to any questions you may have, contact Sheila Bellack,

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Beth El Support Foundation

A Legacy Gift to the “Congregation Beth El of Montgomery County Support Foundation, Inc.” will be invested as an endowment fund for current or future needs of the synagogue. The Congregation Beth of Montgomery County Support Foundation was established as a separate 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Code to hold and maintain Endowment Funds exclusively in support of Congregation Beth El. The income (while preserving the principal) from donations to the Support Foundation can be used at the discretion of the Support Foundation directors and donations can be directed by the donor to the following:

  1. Unrestricted Use Endowment Fund- Income to be used to support the annual operations of the synagogue
  2. Restricted Use Endowment Fund- Income to be used to fund synagogue activities/operations consistent with the relevant use restrictions

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