Beth El’s Sisterhood Catering Committee is delighted to help you celebrate your upcoming simcha, whether it’s a baby naming or a b-mitzvah. Please note that Sisterhood caters kiddushim only on Shabbat. If your simcha is on a different day or time, please contact the office and they will provide you with a list of approved caterers.

Volunteer to help serve kiddush luncheon after Shabbat Services


At Beth El, the family of a b-mitzvah is expected to provide a kiddush following services. This can be catered by Sisterhood Catering or by an outside caterer who has been approved by the congregation.

When an outside caterer is used, you will be charged for fees associated with the use of the social hall, kitchen, linens, and equipment. These fees are waived if you choose Sisterhood Catering to provide the kiddush. If you choose a private caterer, you must provide the kiddush for your guests as well as the entire congregation.

If you choose Sisterhood Catering and your child is having a single B-Mitzvah, you will be responsible for providing the Kiddush for your guests plus 100 congregants. Congregants who are invited to your simcha must be included in your estimated guest count.

If your child is sharing this milestone with another b-mitzvah, each family participating in the double b-mitzvah is required to provide the kiddush for their respective guests plus 75 congregants each. Congregants who are invited to your simcha must be included in your estimated guest count. Both double b-mitzvah families must choose the same type of kiddush and the same menu for that kiddush.

If you decide to have a luncheon outside the synagogue, you are still responsible for hosting a kiddush at Beth El. We hope that you and your guests will remain at the kiddush for a period of time so that all in attendance can wish your family a “mazal tov.”

Included with your kiddush, Sisterhood will provide a basket of candies to toss at the b-mitzvah after the chanting of the Haftarah. For kashrut and safety reasons, families may not provide their own candy.

Sisterhood Catering offers you a variety of menus and á la carte selections to enhance those menus. Please note that if you are sharing your simcha with another family, you must agree on the same menu.

Sisterhood Catering provides a service to our synagogue families and is a fundraising source for Congregation Beth El. The committee members are all volunteers.

Each family using Sisterhood Catering services is required to volunteer in the serving of a Kiddush. This experience is a wonderful opportunity to see how the Kiddush is prepared and to participate in the excitement of the congregation’s life cycle events.

Each family will be assigned a date to volunteer. If that date is not convenient for you, it is your responsibility to switch dates with another family and to advise Sisterhood Catering of the change you have made.

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to schedule these assignments and to accommodate all of our b’nai mitzvah families.

  • 6 -8 weeks prior to simcha – Sisterhood Catering contact will get in touch with you.
  • 1 month prior to simcha – Finalize your menu and provide estimated guest count; sign and return contract to Sisterhood Catering contact.
  • 3 weeks prior to simcha – Provide your final guest count to Sisterhood Catering; your final bill will be prepared and emailed to you.
  • 2 Weeks prior to simcha – Food payment payable to Sisterhood Catering is due; Wait Staff Payment ($100 per waiter) payable to Congregation Beth El is due.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a hearty mazal tov, in advance, and look forward to working with you in the near future to make your simcha a memorable one.

Kiddush Menus

There are hospitality kiddushes on every Shabbat or Festival when there is no b-mitzvah. Kiddush sponsorships could be in honor of a celebration, to commemorate a yahrzeit, or just because! Cost is on a per person basis. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, attendance numbers are uncertain. To date, average attendance has been approximately 70 people, and the total cost will be based on that number.

Full sponsorship covers 100% of the total anticipated cost, and partial sponsorships are available for a minimum contribution of one-third of the total anticipated cost.

Price per person $12.50

Plain bagels, sliced, with cream cheese on the side

Tuna fish with sliced tomato

Garden Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) with dressing on the side

Marinated green beans

Sesame noodles

Sweets, water, coffee

Price per person $14.50

Sliced roast turkey

Challah rolls or sliced challah

Potato salad

Cucumber salad

Dill pickles

Sweets, water, coffee

A limited number of veggie hummus wraps will be available for vegetarians

Price per person $13.50

Pitas, cut in half

Falafel balls

Tahini, purple cabbage salad, Israeli salad

Veggie crudites with hummus on the side

Sweets, water, coffee

Price per person $18.00

Corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, roast turkey

Challah rolls, rye bread, mustard, Russian dressing

Potato salad, cole slaw, pickles

Sweets, water, coffee

A limited number of veggie hummus wraps will be available for vegetarians