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One of the guiding principles of this congregation is an understanding that “one size” doesn’t fit all. The multiplicity of services on Shabbat, weekdays, and holidays provides alternative modes of worship that we hope meet the needs of most, if not all, of our congregants. We are pleased that this is the case. Though there is logic to wanting everyone davening together in the same space, much more strength comes when we are able to reach towards the heavens with our own voices in a setting that works for us. That, at least, is how we see things, and we believe part of the special character and growth of our congregation has been its embrace of different approaches. Inherent in this embrace of multiplicity is the empowerment of our membership, which constitutes the leadership and the “clergy” for most of these alternative services and minyanim. We salute all those who have helped build our congregation in this way. We are proud that we have so many congregants who want to fill these roles and do so with such skill and positive energy. They are a precious human resource.



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Congregation Beth El is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism