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The Men’s Club is a regular and vibrant contributor to the Beth El community, offering activities and support for all congregants as well as the congregation as a whole. Just look at the list below to see some of our programs. Many of these, such as the weekly Sunday morning minyan and breakfast and speaker series, date from the very beginning of our synagogue. Other programs, such as the Shabbat Mincha/Havdalah service and Hearing Men’s Voices discussion group, were started in the last few years. We welcome your participation in all that we do. Please attend one of our Sunday morning breakfasts or other programs. On any given Sunday morning, you may see a range of ages from high school through retirement. We are always open to volunteer speakers and suggestions for programs. With few exceptions, our programs are open to men, women and children – the entire congregational membership as well as the general public – at no cost to attendees. Financial support of Men’s Club through your contribution of the annual dues of $36 makes the programs possible. Please consider marking the Men’s Club Membership line on the enclosed High Holiday Registration Form, and also consider speaking at a breakfast program and/or sponsoring one of our Sunday morning breakfasts on a special occasion or in honor/memory of a loved one.

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Men's Club and the Many Upcoming Events!


Activities Include

  • Weekly Sunday Morning Minyan, Breakfast & Speaker Series
  • Purim Carnival
  • Softball Team
  • Monthly Shabbat Evening Program:  Mincha, Seudah Shlishit, Ma'ariv, & Havdalah observance
  • Hearing Men's Voices Discussion Group
  • "It's Academic" Competitions
  • Service Projects
Affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
Men’s Club Programs supporting Beth El
  • Sunday morning breakfast
  • Sunday morning speaker series
  • Political forums exploring local, regional, and state-wide issues affecting community and Jewish matters
  • Beth El Kavod Awards  (annual awards to members exhibiting support of the Men’s Club, Beth El, the ewish Community, and the Greater Community)
  • Monthly Shabbat Evening Program:  Mincha, Seudah Shlishit, Ma'ariv and Havdallah (this program marks the end of Shabbat and welcomes the new week in a special celebration) – sponsorship of this event is available
  • Annual kosher wine tasting
  • Synagogue services booklet (explaining the service – found in the main sanctuary)
  • Men’s Club – Sisterhood joint socials
  • Funding of special Beth El events 

Congregation Beth El is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism