Congregation Beth El Logo

Our Vision

Congregation Beth El aspires to be a synagogue whose members - guided by Judaism - pray, learn, celebrate, and find comfort together as a community, discover meaning and purpose in their lives, and improve the world.

Our Mission

Congregation Beth El is a Conservative synagogue that brings innovation and creativity to Jewish traditions.  Beth El provides multiple pathways for its members to enjoy a sense of community, engage with Judaism, and transform their lives through Torah, worship (avodah), and acts of loving kindness (gemilut chasadim).

Our Guiding Values

Embrace Everyone .... we are egalitarian, inclusive, and multi-generational, we encourage respect and appreciation for all members of all ages and abilities, and we provide an accessible gateway to synagogue life.

Merges Tradition and Creative Spirit .... we provide multiple pathways to spirituality and bring both respect (kavod) and creativity to Jewish traditions, observance, and rituals.

Create Community .... we promote a sense of intimacy and community by nurturing a warm, caring, welcoming environment and by connecting members to one another in small synagogue groups and in synagogue-wide events.

Takes Life-Long Jewish Learning Seriously .... we provide many opportunities for members, regardless of their level of knowledge, to study and appreciate the wisdom and relevance of Judaism.

Responds to Lifetime Needs .... we provide guidance, comfort, and support to deal with life's complexities and challenges, and we join in celebrating member's achievements and life-cycle events.

Nurtures the Jewish Identity of Our Children .... we provide our children with appreciation of the joy and relevance of Judaism and with a sense of belonging to the Jewish people.

Empowers Its Members .... we count on our members, in partnership with clergy and staff, to contribute their talents, resources, and passions toward ensuring the vitality of the synagogue community.

Accepts Responsibility for Repairing the World (Tikkun Olam) .... we provide opportunities for participation in social action, encourage involvement and assumption of leadership in the Jewish and secular communities, and nuture love and support for Israel.

Congregation Beth El is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism